Practice for fulfilling birthday wishes

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The day when the Universe hears you!

Do you blow candles every year, but your wishes remain just dreams?
Do you celebrate birthdays as usual, but life doesn't change?
Do you believe that you deserve better, but do not know how to get it?
Hristafarida has prepared an intensive practice for you to be performed on your birthday, so that your wishes could come true easily and quickly!
The date when you were born is the most powerful day of the year. And in the hustle and bustle of calls and congratulations, you must definitely find time for yourself to make the foundation for your dreams to come true for the next year.
Hristafarida's practice of fulfilling desires shall be done once a year, exactly on the date of your birth. You will be able to fulfill your intentions easily in a simple way:
• You will be charged with energy of success and luck
• Circumstances will work in your advantage
• The universe itself will provide you with powerful support in all your affairs
You can order this practice by Hristafarida for yourself or as a birthday present for the beloved ones. Buy it on the website or by contacting the assistants.
Do you want to start a new happy life on your birthday? Practice for fulfilling birthday wishes by Hristafarida opens the door to your bright future!


Congratulations! You have purchased the best birthday present ever – the Practice by Hristafarida!
It can be done on your birthday at any time, but your birth hour is the strongest.
Try to be alone in the room and be quiet throughout the practice.
Place a candle in front of you. The candle must be a new one. Light it with matches or a lighter.
Take two blank pieces of paper of any format.
Write your wish on one piece of paper in the form “I want ....” On the second paper write the same wish, but in the perfect tense, “I have ...” (as if you already have it).
Focus on your feelings. Then, light the first paper with a candle and burn it in a clean saucer or in a clean ashtray (the main thing is that there is no ash from something else on the saucer).

Put this ash onto the second sheet of paper (the one you wrote that your wish came true). And wrap it tightly in any way, so the ash could be safely stored.
Keep this bundle with the ash in a secure place. When your wish comes true, burn it in the same way from the same candle in a saucer or an ashtray. After that, wash away the ashes.
Remember that you should thank the universe for every wish that was fulfilled. Therefore, burn the second sheet of paper with the words of gratitude.
Keep this candle at home. You can light it for 3 minutes every month on the date of your birth and visualize your desires by looking at the fire.
On your next birthday the candle must be completely burned. You should thank it for helping you to fulfill your dreams.
NOTE: Sharing the information to third parties will bring you seven years of misery!
Wishing you luck and happiness, Hristafarida

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