Charged water by Hristafarida


This is legendary water that can make your wishes come true.

The fact that fluids hold memory and are capable of receiving and releasing the energy has been proved long ago.

Hristafarida energizes water for a great variety of your intentions:

✳ health, healing from illness, recovery from surgery and treatment ✳ beauty and youth

✳ optimal body weight and figure (weight adjustment, both to plus and minus)

✳ increased passion, love, improving relationships

✳ conception, easy and healthy pregnancy

✳ wealth and luxury

✳ security at home, protection from negativity

✳ recovery from depression

✳ successful real estate deals (purchase and sale)

✳ getting rid of addiction (alcohol, tobacco)

✳ paying back loans (to you)

You CAN edit and/or add your goals and wishes for yourself!

Drink this water, add it to your meals, wash your face, spray it on things and your house (when buying it or to sell), give it to babies for good sleep and health, and you will feel its effect!

The energy from Hristafarida’s water will help you to make your dreams come true, get rid of fears and give a boost of confidence.

From now on, charged water by Hristafarida is available to you at any time and any place. You don’t have to save the water for later and wait for the next online charging procedure. Buy an access to the procedure of water energizing now and you will be able to conduct it during a six months period at any time and any place, as much you need — a cup or an ocean!

NOTE! Sharing the information with the third parties will result in losses and illnesses!

You buy the energizing procedure for yourself and it is valid only for the intentions of one person! Each member of the family should have a separate water energizing!

Write to assistants or purchase it on the website and enjoy the power and energy of healing water by Hristafarida!

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Get knowledge and positive karma with Hristafarida!

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