Guardian Angel’s Assistance

Sometimes even the strongest people feel powerless:

  • failures follow you everywhere
  • sick and bitter at heart
  • plans and dreams collapse one after another
  • health problems have become very frequent

A smart decision is to immediately order yourself a powerful personal protection - the Amulet Hristafarida.

It protects from hardship, curses and evil eyes. It charges with energy, restores resources.

This amulet is suitable for both men and women. It is activated strictly personally and cannot be given to other people.

It can be charged for health, money success, family creation, vitality, and other personal goals. Important: the amulet must be worn for at least 21 days so that it can energetically connect to your body. It is made of silver. It is charged through 5 elements: fire, water, wood, metal, earth.

The amulet “Hristafarida” is your secret trump card for the successful fulfillment of grand plans.

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