For small and important

Every loving parent wants to provide everything for their child:
  • good health
  • physical, mental and spiritual development
  • advanced education
  • loyal and reliable friends

We protect children from external negativity as long as possible, we are even ready to give our lives for them if necessary!

Personal magic amulet, which is charged with shamanic power and 5 elements, will become reliable protection for your child. It will guard the baby from the aggressive effects of the world, curses, evil eyes and spells.

The delicate bodies of children need a powerful talisman that will help with their growth and development, improvements of their health, protect night sleep and reveal the natural potential of the child.

Hristafarida’s amulet for children will give peace to mothers and fathers who will be sure that their baby is safe. Children will be under magical protection even in crowded places.

Hristafarida’s amulet for children is vital for every child from birth. It can be purchased for your kids or as a gift.

Activation is performed according to the owner's personal information.

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