Taming of the Rebellious 

  • Do you often make rash decisions?
  • Do you often feel angry, start yelling?
  • Do you fall into emotional traps?
  • Do you have conflicts with loved ones for no reason?

The amulet – peacemaker, which is made of blue agate, is able to pacify your energy. You will find your inner balance and peace with it. It will be easy for you to find a middle ground with any person and negotiate on favorable terms for you. With the help of the power of this stone, you will learn to converse with people like a pro in order to win over the person you talk to and achieve everything you want through negotiations.

This talisman will become your assistant in communications whether it is business or personal relationships. Meetings that do not go well due to emotional outbursts, quarrels with a loved one, yelling at children will be a history.

A cold mind will generate brilliant ideas and put them into practice, the muse will inspire creative achievements.

Great mood will become your loyal companion.
Blue agate also has a number of medicinal properties: it fights infections, increases the body's resistance to viruses, calms the heart, normalizes the thyroid gland and eliminates sore throats.

If you notice that you or your loved ones are irritated a lot recently, frequent depression, nervous breakdowns, order a blue agate amulet by Hristafarida and enjoy a calm, happy life.

The stone is activated according to the owner's personal information.

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