Woman is a Goddess 
Concentration of Feminine energy, health and beauty.

This pendant is charged for
  • attracting a worthy partner
  • successful conception of a healthy baby
  • toned fit body without a gram of fat
  • femininity and attractiveness for men
  • sexuality and open-mindedness

Hristafarida’s bead will give you unlimited power over men. One glance will be enough for you to conquer any Prince from the fairy tale!
You will bathe in the attention of the most handsome representatives of the opposite sex: flowers, gifts, marriage proposals - all this will be at your service! You don't have to ask, everything will be brought to your feet!

This amulet protects from curses and the evil eye along the female blood-line, gets rid of the suitors with filthy thoughts and protects the health of its owners.
In addition, the bead helps to open creative potential and talents of women. You can fulfill yourself in the profession or prove yourself as a wise mother and caring housewife.
With Hristafarida’s Bead you will feel like a real Queen! Do you want to control men and get whatever you want?
Order a unique pendant with individual activation done by Hristafarida!
It can be purchased for yourself or as a gift. Activation is performed individually according to the owner's personal information.

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