Stone Magic (ONLY ONE COPY)

So many men, so many desires and problems that need to be solved. One’s personal life is full of passion today, while the other is looking for money for food. Tomorrow they can switch places, and each of them needs different things and help now.
Hristafarida charges the stones-amulets individually, and they become ideal companions in any matter:

  • give strength in moments of despair and apathy
  • show opportunities in situations that seem unsolvable 
  • speed up processes if they get stuck
  • support health
  • help in all endeavors
  • get rid of fears and doubts
  • enhance your abilities
  • attract money to your wallet

Choose a pendant as a reliable partner and loyal friend who will accompany you and protect you from any troubles.
The stones are initiated through a secret shamanic ritual and are charged with the powers of 5 elements. During the ritual, Hristafarida summons guards from the World of Darkness to charge the stones with power.
When you order a pendant, provide your personal information to the assistant for activation. The amulet can be purchased as a gift for another person.

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