Amulet "Molvinets"

Help of Family God.
The unique talisman by Hristafarida with 2 connected rotifers pointing in opposite directions has pagan roots. Ancient Slavs worshiped this symbol for its protective power and patronage of the most powerful Family God.
It endows the owner with strength and wisdom, reveals the knowledge of ancestors and activates intuition.

With this amulet you can control your thoughts and emotions, stay calm in any situation and make the right decisions. You will learn to consciously say words out loud and control your reality: attract money, success, get rid of diseases and depression.

The amulet "Molvinets" is universal and good for absolutely everyone, regardless of gender and age. Children wear it for improvement their abilities, for ancestral support and self-confidence. It helps to overcome the delay in speech development, eliminate defects in pronunciation of words and get rid of stuttering.

The owners of this talisman can get along easily with any person (even with representatives of other generations) and obtain the oratory skills and the gift of persuasion. Therefore, it is ideal for teachers, public speakers, politicians, lawyers, journalists and psychologists.

You can buy Hristafarida’s amulet "Molvinets" for yourself and for your loved ones, it is enough to send the personal information of the future owner to the assistants for activation.

Order an ancient Slavic symbol that will help you obtain the support of the Family and bring happiness and prosperity into your life!

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Get knowledge and positive karma with Hristafarida!

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