Tektite - Comet stone for POWERFUL ENERGY

Space power protects your interests.
Tektite is filled with the energies of 4 elements: Air, Fire, Earth, Water. It is rightfully known as one of the strongest amulets. It brings good luck and wisdom, and stops from committing rash decisions, actions on emotions.
A strong feature of this stone, among other things, is the connection with the past through astral channels. In Buddhism, tektite is used to cleanse karma. Shamans and sorcerers use it in their rituals.

The energy of the cosmos comes to the owner of the stone and helps to overcome changes and transformations with maximum personal benefit. This magical mineral is highly valued among creative people, those who are into spiritual improvement, questions of the meaning of life.

Since ancient times, tektite has been used in medicine and healing. The stone increases life potential, helps to withstand stress, relieves fatigue and fears, and improves intuition. The mineral also has a beneficial effect on metabolism, blood circulation, and the vascular system. The owners of the stone claim that their headaches stop and their blood pressure normalizes, in addition to their eyesight being improved, and their immunity to colds and viruses increases.

The origin of tektite is explained by the interaction of meteorite particles with terrestrial rocks. This is what explains the powerful magical potential of the stone. If you want to feel the protection of higher powers, order Hristafarida’s amulet tektite. It will become your loyal bodyguard and assistant in all your endeavors.

Activation is performed according to the owner's personal information.

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