Happy pregnancy
Expecting a baby is an important period in the life of every woman.
Doctors, tests, sayings - everything scares future mothers, especially if it’s the first pregnancy and long-awaited.

In this vulnerable state, a woman needs special protection:

  • from curses and evil eye
  • from her own fears and beliefs
  • from karmic and ancestral programs
  • from medical mistakes, viruses and injuries

Hristafarida’s yellow agate protects the body and soul of the expecting mother and provides a reliable shield for the fetus.

This stone must be carried with you during pregnancy to avoid the tone of the uterus, the threat of miscarriage, gestosis and various developmental pathologies.

It is also important to have it with you during labor to ensure the easier, faster, and safer for mom and baby process.

Hristafarida’s yellow agate calms the anxiety of pregnant women, dispels anxiety and protects the nervous system. The owners of this stone have excellent immunity and good test results.

Additionally, this amulet helps those who have been trying to get pregnant for a long time. Wear it and your wish will soon come true!

The amulet is activated according to the owner's personal information.

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