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The Hristafarida’s Pillow is made to protect your home from the evil eye and other people's evil plots. It is not only a stylish accessory for your cozy home, but also a powerful charm that will shoo away all evil spirits from your nest and its residents.

This pillow attracts harmony, love, and understanding into your home. It will be an ideal present for a close person for a wedding, house welcoming party, birthday.

This interior amulet also acts like a real magnet for wealth, prosperity and abundance in your home.

The Hristafarida’s Pillow will take care of the health of all family members. For those who suffer from migraines, headaches, blood pressure jumps, the pillow will gradually heal you if you rest on it for 20-30 minutes when you experience the flair up of the illness.

Get a Hristafarida’s Pillow, and there always will be peace, love and wealth in your home.

The size of the HF pillows is 45 × 45 cm. The hypoallergenic filler is holofiber. The pillows can be washed no more than once in a half a year (cover is washed separately on a delicate cycle with the use of balls and let them dry well in the open air).

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