Taking care of your children today is your well-being tomorrow!

The mother's heart often worries about its child.
How to protect your kid from sickness and trouble?
How to protect from curses and the evil eye?
How to attract luck to the child?

Hristafarida has charged the hidden amulet stone that will become the second guardian angel to your heir.
It will cleanse the field from family sins and karmic curses.
It will strengthen a child's health and aura.
It will turn off the trouble and attract the right circumstances at the right time.

You can put and hide this stone to a child from birth until the age of 18. It will protect the child throughout his/her life like the personal talisman from Hristafarida.
For newborn babies: it is essentially necessary for the fragile astral body of a baby to be under reliable protection from outside world negativity for the baby to grow and develop as expected and for excellent immunity, appetite, and good night sleep.
Put a stone in the baby's crib and his/her colic pain will subside, and the baby’s teeth will cause much less stress.
For older children, Hristafarida’s stone is necessary for the absorption of knowledge, good grades, and confidence while communicating with peers. It will protect the teenager's mental health from the influence of strangers, from drug, alcohol addiction and from bad company. It will be much easier for him/her to study and pass exams. Both adults and peers will consider the kid as equal.

Help your children get on their feet and become stronger. Show them a safe, abundant, and friendly world with Hristafarida’s stone! Order it on the website or through assistants.

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