"With a fresh mind" - that is how we were told to make important decisions and look for answers to questions from the beginning of times.

However, what would you do if:

  • you have regular headaches?
  • suffer from blood pressure drops?
  • suffer from insomnia?
  • keep forgetting stuff?

The most delicate kerchief will help you. Hristafarida charged it for

  • good memory and clear mind
  • stabilization of blood pressure if you have hypertension, vegetovascular dystonia and other diseases
  • migraine symptoms relief
  • spasms and tension relief
  • elimination of the consequences of head trauma and surgeries

The kerchief “Hristafarida” is ideal for professional employees and those who often find themselves in stressful situations and have chronic sleep deprivation. Just put on the kerchief after a busy day for 30 minutes, and you will help the brain to relax and unwind.

You will get rid of insomnia, nightmares, start to get enough sleep at night, you will feel vigorous and rested in the mornings.

This scarf is also useful for young mothers, whose babies have difficulty falling asleep and often cry at night. Tie it on your babies' head and enjoy their relaxing good sleep.

The “Hristafarida” kerchief is a real treasure for women of mature age! It will make sure your mind is clear and your memory is excellent. It will save you from blood pressure drops, give relief to weather sensitive people, and protect from disturbing thoughts. This headpiece is an excellent prevention of Alzheimer's disease, sclerosis and dementia. If you have elderly women in your family, take care of them and order this kerchief as a gift.

This piece of wardrobe is indispensable for those who have overcome brain surgery, brain injury, or concussion. Put it on to relieve the consequences of a trauma and to speed up your recovery. You will be amazed how quickly you recover and get back to your regular life!

The kerchief "Hristafarida" is made in a single color, and is charged with the energy of the cosmos.

Order a unique headpiece for yourself or as a gift, take care of yourself and your loved ones!

The size of the headkerchief is 65 × 65 cm. The material is a special breathable fabric that is very comfortable to touch. Hand wash it or wash in a washer on a delicate cycle.

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