"Removal and protection from larvae" Kit
Your freedom from harmful entities.

Larva is capable of ruining your life to the core:
through illness and failure
through betrayal and material loss
through alcohol addiction, drugs and relationships
through suicide attempts and insanity

This awful entity sneaks into your subconsciousness, feeds on your energy and fills your field with negativity. Unwittingly, you find yourself completely in its trap.

Getting rid of larva is a difficult process that includes the destruction of the entity that lives inside you, and then protection of your weakened field from new larvae!

Hristafarida has created an effective larva removal system that includes:
1. String for exorcism of larva from a person. First thing that should be done when you start the procedure of larvae removal, is you must tie the string and wear it for 14 days.
After this period, you should dispose of the string according to the instructions that will be sent along with the kit
2. spell for destruction of the larva - read it at the very moment when you are removing the string for exorcism of larva from your wrist
3. string for protection from new settlers - put it on after the larva is removed and destroyed. You should wear it for 1 year
4. spell for protection of the field from larvae. Read it during activation of the string for protection

If you feel that your life and your well-being is threatened by harmful entities - order the Kit for removal and protection from larva by Hristafarida. It can be purchased for yourself or as a gift. This kit can be used for children over 8 years old.

It is also suitable for those who do not feel they have larva. A string and a spell for exorcism will clean the field, and a string and a spell for protection will protect you from possible settlers!

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