Turquoise String. Karmic Support of Ancestry.

The power and wisdom of the ancestors is your support.

Since the dawn of time, people were asking for support of their clan, asked for blessings and advice prior making the most important decisions and actions. The experience of previous generations was passed from grandfather to father, from father to son, and became the foundation of family well-being. The spirits of deceased ancestors also continue to protect the living descendants from making wrong decisions, from other people's evil plots, from their own weaknesses and temptations.

For those who have lost their karmic connection with the Family and Ancestry, who do not feel the strength and support of previous generations, the Turquoise String by Hristafarida will help you restore family bonds. It is activated through the World of Darkness with an ancient shamanic ceremony and has the greatest protective power. The field of this string will stop anyone who intends to harm you. The turquoise string is recommended for those who do not have the number 4 in the matrix of Destiny.

Moreover, regardless of your numerological matrix, the string of karmic support for the ancestry will be your reliable assistant in the most important endeavors, give the wisdom of your ancestors to make the right decision, confidence to make the first step and strength to reach your goal. Order the Turquoise string for yourself or as a gift, activation is performed according to the personal information.

Accept support of those who gave you life!

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