Fuchsia colored string. Support for karmic people.

It cannot get worse! It can get only better! Being a karmic person is Destiny. This is not an easy mission: to take on the many tests of karma, fight for a place under the sun, withstand different tests, overcome obstacles at every step. This all is given for a reason, and the goal of a karmic person is to overcome all the difficulties and emerge from the battle for happiness as a winner, to work this program out with honor and dignity. Hristafarida charged this string specifically to support karmic people, to help them cope with difficult situations. This string is essential for those who do not have the number 5 in the numerological matrix!

She will help you overcome obstacles and find the best solution in any situation. Hristafarida activates the string through the shamanic ritual, which will help you to receive powerful protection from ill-wishers and the ability to focus on your mission.

If you constantly face obstacles on your way, if it seems that the whole world is against you, order this string for karmic people to support and trust Hristafarida’s power. You will feel the relief!

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