Lemon color string. Support of a guardian angel.

Flapping of wings behind the back. A guardian angel is assigned to each person at birth. However, sometimes we distract him from performing his duty. It often happens so that negativity accumulated over the years of life does not allow him to reach out to your soul and help it cope with current issues. The Lemon colored string by Hristafarida will help you to restore a precious connection with your protector. It is activated through the angels and calls on them to help you. To feel the presence of your guardian angel means to be sure that someone's cunning will neither misguide you from the right way, obscure your vision nor distort the perception of reality. If you often doubt yourself, not sure about the choice, if anxiety does not leave you, then it is time to summon your guardian angel and ask for help. Lemon string will restore your connection with your guardian angel and give you faith in your strength. This string will work for you even if your numerological matrix is missing the number 7! It will become the best protection for a newborn baby, it can be tied on the wrist on any day after birth or can be gifted on the name’s-day. The string is activated according to the owner's personal information.

Order the support of a guardian angel for yourself and your loved ones to feel peace and confidence in the future.

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