Carrot String. Body energy.

Before saving the World, save yourself. One doesn't become a superman; a man is born that way. If your mission in life is to serve or help other people, you are always in need of regular replenishment of energy! When helping everyone, you risk to drain your energy to zero one day and end up as a drowning man. To prevent this from happening, you should have the Carrot string on your wrist, which Hristafarida activates to protect against burning out and getting hurt by other people's emotions. You will be perceiving what is happening around you with a cold head and maintain your vital energy, no matter what happens. If your work requires you to communicate with a lot of people, if you often have to deal with people’s pain, resentment, tears, if you often feel overwhelmed, depressed, exhausted, if you work in a hospital, police, 911, banks, post offices, social service, etc., if your numerological code does not have number 9, you should always wear the Carrot string on your wrist by all means. This way your energy level will always be high. Otherwise, your body will begin to compensate for the loss of energy at the expense of its own resources, meaning there is a risk of illness, depression, and complete apathy. Do you want to help your close ones and make the world more beautiful and happier?

Get a Carrot string, and your life energy will be reliably protected!

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