Orange String. PASSION.

Awakening of your body.

A passionate night with a lover can brighten any dull daily routine.

How to attract a worthy partner into your life in order to stop spending lonely evenings with a book and worthless fantasies?

Hristafarida has charged the Orange String with such a powerful ritual for "passionate" energy that no man can resist your attractiveness!

Tie this string on your right hand, and feel how passion fills your body up from within. The manner of walking, posture, the look in your eyes, and gestures will gradually change, and you gain the grace of a tigress. Men will go crazy with your glance only!

You will literally flame with passion, and your nights will never be dull and boring when the Orange string by Hristafarida is on your wrist.

If you have recently experienced a terrible breakup, if loneliness depresses you, if you want to experience passion like in novels, but in reality, there is only emptiness, then this string can change your life and bring breathtaking passion and emotions into your life!

Attention! Married women who are losing interest in their marital relationship are advised to get this string for themselves and for their spouses, both of partners should tie the strings on their right wrists! This will bring back the passion in bed and redirect the attention on each other, preventing the possibility of affairs on the side.

Order the Orange string by Hristafarida and get ready for sleepless nights, your "passion" will be legendary :)!

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