Lilac string. Energy.

Your personal charge of energy. Absolutely everything depends on the level of your energy: generation of new ideas, determination to make the first step, faith in your strength, persistence to reach your goal. All these things will be within the scope of your abilities if you are full of energy and are ready to act with full dedication! What should you do if, for no reason, your internal battery is completely discharged, and there is no strength, no emotions, no desire to get out of bed, move, educate yourself, and win? Hristafarida charged the lilac string to increase your energy level, to fill you up with strength, to give you confidence and will.

If you do not have number 2 in your numerological chart, it is essential for you to tie this string for energy on the wrist of your left hand. Thus, you compensate for the natural lack of energy. It is recommended to get and tie this string right before the launching of large projects, when moving in/out, changing jobs, and in preparation for conception. The lilac string of energy is activated through cosmos according to the personal information of the owner.

If you want to conquer the next mountain, achieve something more, tie a lilac string on your left wrist and get the energy of life, prosperity and abundance!

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