White string. Cleansing.

The string is a ritual to get free from negativity.

Every day you come into contact with dozens of people and with their fields. When you receive information, you let your and other people's emotions pass through you. All these emotions settle in your field like sand.

To increase the power of the rituals for money attraction, good luck, love, and health, you need to regularly cleanse your field from accumulated karmic dirt. The White String by Hristafarida will help you.
It is charged specifically to get free from all the negativity in your field. The string should be worn on the right wrist for 13 days! It will absorb all the curses made in your address, hexes, all your bitterness, shame, fears, doubts during this time.

After 13 days, the string must be burned in any convenient way for you and the ashes must be washed off with water. This ritual must be performed once every 365 days at any time of the year. The field that was cleared of negativity gratefully accepts all the positive energy: money, health, love, luck, and fortune. The ritual is especially good for those who have lost their loved ones recently or were seriously ill in the recent past, if there were accidents, arsons or losses of lots of money. Cleansing should be performed on the eve of serious surgeries, business deals, moving in, and other significant events in life.
Сleansing is necessary to move forward without the "baggage" of the past. Do you want to get free from the burden of the past, from evil intentions of others, from oppressive emotions?

Order a white string, perform a cleansing ritual, and feel freedom!

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