Hristafarida’s pink stone for home protection

My home is my castle.

Whoever comes to your home, whoever crosses your doorstep, will always have their own intentions.
The good ones will bring joy and love to your home. The negative ones will bring disagreement, illness and sorrow.
How to protect the field of your space, your family from the evil eye, curses, and negative energy of guests? Place the Pink Stone in the hallway. It is charged specifically to protect your home!
Peace will reign in your home. Its powerful protective field will quickly repel from your home those who wish you and your loved ones harm. You will be surprised when you notice that some people will stop coming to visit you and will be trying to avoid meeting you for any occasion.

If your family members often feel unwell, complain about weakness and headaches, order the Pink Stone by Hristafarida to manage the order of the general field and get rid of holes through which vital energy grains.
This amulet will also help stabilize the financial condition if your income is good, but something bad always happens (breakdowns, accidents, debts are not returned, investments burn out, etc). The stone will save money in the family and allow them to multiply.

Hristafarida’s pink stone for protection of your home will be the perfect gift for a housewarming, wedding, birthday party or any other occasion! Order it for your loved ones and, of course, for yourself! Let your home be filled with happiness, love and joy!

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