Do your kids sleep not well?

Do they have difficulty falling asleep? Are they always tossing and turning in their dream? Is it difficult to wake them up for school or kindergarten in the morning?

The Hristafarida’s pillow, specially charged for the health of children, will protect the baby's sleep and give peace to the parents.

With this pillow children will fall asleep quickly and sound, watch vivid pleasant dreams, and wake up cheerful and joyful.

This artifact enhances children's immune systems and improves health. When there is a virus, infections, and quarantines season, the pillow will protect your baby and save it from all illnesses! You will forget the way to the children clinic with this pillow.

Your kids will be starting each morning with a bright head. The pillow will give its energy to a child during the night and activates the brain to easily absorb new knowledge.

Any test or the most difficult exam will be easily solved by your prodigy if he/she sleeps on a Hristafarida’s pillow!

You can buy the pillow for your children or as a gift. Tell the assistants the child's information and the pillow will be activated for the kid.

The size of the HF pillows is 45 × 45 cm. The hypoallergenic filler is holofiber. The pillows can be washed no more than once in a half a year (cover is washed separately on a delicate cycle with the use of balls and let them dry well in the open air).

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