Artifact “Hristafarida’s Pillow” with additional activation for marriage

If you want wealth, health and family happiness to live in your house - the “Hristafarida’s Pillow” with additional activation for partner attraction is created for you!

Leave your loneliness at the doorstep! This interior talisman has a powerful field to create a happy family.

The Hristafarida’s pillow will add decor to your house, and the man of your dreams will come to your life soon. Your family will be built on a solid foundation of love, mutual respect, and passion. Affairs, betrayal and poverty will stay away from such a union.

You will enjoy a bright lifelong relationship with your partner. In addition, this pillow helps with the conception of healthy children. You need to keep it in your bedroom for such a purpose.

The artifact can be purchased both for yourself and as a gift. When you order this pillow, let the assistant know about your intention to get married, and Hristafarida will activate the marriage pillow.

The size of the HF pillows is 45 × 45 cm. The hypoallergenic filler is holofiber. The pillows can be washed no more than once in a half a year (cover is washed separately on a delicate cycle with the use of balls and let them dry well in the open air).

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