Give your loved ones happiness and care!

Stop buying white elephants that will collect dust on the shelves and get in the way during cleaning.

Stop thinking about the tastes and preferences of the birthday man.

Stop worrying that your present will not be appreciated and will be given away to someone else

Your closest ones deserve the best!

Hristafarida’s Gift Card is the perfect present for any celebration!

It doesn’t have to be a special occasion or reason at all for a gift, just your loved one needs help.

Choose the price and text to the assistants. A gift card will allow you to purchase any product on the website. You can pay for the purchase with this card full price or partially adding money if the cost of the items is higher than the amount of credit on the certificate.

The gift card is digital and personalized (it can be printed), when activated, Hristafarida charges it with a stream of energy for health, luck and fortune of the owner.

Do you want to make your loved ones happy with a truly gorgeous gift? Order a Hristafarida gift card and give them the opportunity to choose for themselves strong magical attributes that will protect from harm, give strength and attract happiness into life, love and wealth, or a group in which they can solve their issues!

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