Open your mind for the higher energy of the Cosmos!
Do you need MORE money?
Do you want to gain success?
Are you tired and lost your motivation? Are you a young mother by any chance, who REALLY needs to restore the resourceful state?

Rune "Blessing" will help you fill you up with energy and change your life for the better. Runes work at the miracle level!

You get the strength to act!

Luck is by your side in all your endeavors and matters.
A money channel is opened for the financial well-being to flow in your life.

Rune is activated individually for the owner.

Blessing means good. Get the support and blessings from Hristafarida to achieve all your goals!

The rune belongs to the owner who activates it. It should be placed in the house. It is sent to you with the delivery service after payment and providing your full name and address for the delivery.

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Get knowledge and positive karma with Hristafarida!

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