To bring back the passion
On the ring of the wisest King Solomon it was written “Everything will pass. This too shall pass"

This is more than applicable to the theme of passion. First dates, forbidden fruit, timid kisses - do you remember how emotions sparkled between you?

However, chemistry between people has too many enemies:
  • daily routine: work-home-work
  • taking care of children
  • everyday life with its breakfasts, dinners, purchases in grocery stores
  • vacation planning years ahead
  • constant savings while having mortgages and loans, and limiting yourself in joys

Over time, you and your husband become reliable partners, loyal companions in the fight against circumstances, caring parents, good friends ... and completely indifferent lovers.

You may have one and a half hundred interests in common and a really great relationship, but this is not a marriage. This is the collapse of the family.

Hristafarida's candle of passion can save the situation. Its flame will return both partners to the beginning of their story: when each touch provoked an explosion, when the kiss was ecstatic, when you excited each other even with one text!

Order a purple candle for passion, and you will never face your husband's cheating or impotency. Every evening will be like a honeymoon! And you will feel like 18 years old until you retire. And even longer!

* The color and shape of the candles may differ from the picture. The program always matches the request!

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