Support of Ancestors - how to provide a reliable home front?

  • When the whole world seems to be against you
  • When misery pours in like from a cornucopia
  • When losses happen one after another
  • When the closest people are ill
  • When it seems that it simply cannot be worse, but every day brings new miseries

... and you either want to end it all at once, or ...

The strongest candle from Hristafarida comes to the rescue - "Support of the ancestors".

It is activated according to individual parameters, and helps in each specific case.

Its magical flame connects you with the powers of your ancestors to help you solve your problems. This is not just a recipe for success.

This is an increase in internal energy that you can feel, spread wings behind your back, faith in yourself and victory over circumstances.

Often, you don't even know what kind of powerful support your ancestors can give you because many of us have lost connection with the family.

This candle will restore family bonds and provide you with strong support to move forward.

Attention, when ordering, you must specify the date of birth. Hristafarida will determine which candle to send you.

* The color and shape of the candles may differ from the photograph. The program always matches the request!

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