House energy cleansing 

Price 30 $

This is a comfort and safety of your home.

Do you tidy your house regularly?

Do you dust, wash the floors and clean bathroom accessories?

Do you decorate your house and make it comfortable?

Take care of your home! Fill it with positive energy!

With the help of Hristafarida’s cleansing, you will free your space of insults, negative emotions, envy, black magic, and anything that makes your field unhealthy.

You have to do the cleansing regularly according to the instructions. It is necessary to do it if you have just purchased the house, are going to move out, rented out or hosted a large number of guests. You need to do the cleansing if there is some misfortune in the house, for example, one of the family members is sick for a long time, or someone tried to rob you, there was a flood, a fire or a short circuit. If you lack peace and balance, scandals often occur in your house, if you suffer from insomnia, and etc, this means that you urgently need a cleansing by Hristafarida!

You have to buy a cleansing for each house or an apartment individually. Once you bought the cleansing, you may use it for this house many times.

Text to assistants or make an order on the website and get the instructions to prevent accidents, illnesses, and losses in your home!

Your home is your fortress, where peace, love and prosperity will reign!

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Get knowledge and positive karma with Hristafarida!

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