Price 140 $

It is a secret of woman’s health and beauty. 

A night dress by Hristafarida is an essential item of women clothes. 

It will suit for: 

  • Pregnant women and for those, who are just planning to have child

  • Married women and for those, who just dream of getting married

  • Women who suffer from gynecological disorders and those, who wants to optimize their weight

The field of this night dress has been energized by Hristafarida. It will actively work while you blissfully sleep. 


This dress is recommended for pregnant women to relieve toxicosis, eliminate risks and threats, and comfortably carry a healthy baby. Your child will prepare for birth under Hristafarida’s powerful energetic protection! It is also suitable for those, who dream of becoming pregnant but have certain difficulties with it. If you are under a medical treatment, put this dress on at night before sleep to boost the effect. This night dress by Hristafarida will bring back a passion and harmony to your relationship in cases of marital discord. Your man will give you as much attention as you want! Passionate sex, daring experiments and fantastic orgasms will make your nights unforgettable.

If you are still looking for a partner and want to create a strong family - order this night dress by Hristafarida today! It will bring love and happiness into your life.

The dress also activates metabolic processes and helps you achieve the desired weight. It will improve your health and beauty. You will wake up refreshed, alive, glowing with happiness and full of energy!

The night dress by Hristafarida can become a perfect gift for yourself, your mother, your sister or your friend. Let yourself be a happy wife and mother, because you deserve it!

When making an order, please, specify the needed size to the assistant:

М - 44 L - 46 XL - 48-50

2ХL - 52-54

Write to my assistant Anastasia

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