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Are you in debts up to the armpits?

Are you dreaming of yachts, villas and diamonds, but in fact have to take a new loan to pay off the old one? Is your apartment, car, gadgets, vacations purchased in credit? Do you barely make the ends meet? The Green String by Hristafarida helps to break even and bring prosperity to your life. It must be worn on the left hand because we receive and give energy through this hand. This tool works actively in your field: it increases incomes, helps in business, expands financial opportunities. With the Green String by Hristafarida you will cease to live in credit and feel confident. Want to experience the mind-blowing taste of wealth? Order a string and prepare your pockets for money.
The power of the Green String grows along with other Hristafarida’s tools: money amulet, wallet charging and practices in groups.

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