Ritual «Protection of newlyweds»

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A happy and strong family.

When two people decide to get married, they dream of being happy and living in love until a ripe old age.

Who or what can stop them?

• Negative relatives, especially if the mother of one of the spouses is against the marriage

• Ancestral curses in the family

• A former bride or groom, offended, envious people can bring a cursed object to the wedding

• Accidentally spoken words or intentional spells

• Wrongly chosen wedding day, etc.

While the noisy crowd of guests is enjoying themselves at the table and having fun, someone can perform black rituals for parting, bankruptcy, childlessness, or even with the aim of bringing the newlyweds to the grave.

Ritual «Protection of newlyweds» by Hristafarida will help you avoid all these troubles in the present and in the future. It will become the strongest magic charm for young spouses.

This ritual can be done by the newlyweds themselves, or by family members without couple’s knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you are invited to the celebration or you are far from the wedding ceremony. The religion of the newly married does not matter! Everything will benefit the newlyweds.

This ritual by Hristafarida will also contribute to the material well-being of a young family and the birth of healthy children, loyalty, peace and harmony in their home. You can order it through the website or through the assistant.

Give your newlyweds a real family happiness with the ritual «Protection of newlyweds» by Hristafarida!

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