String for boys of 0-14 years old
String for boys of 0-14 years old

String for boys of 0-14 years old 

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Your son is the real Hercules!

Every mother wants her son to be healthy, successful and self-confident.

Do you wish prosperity to your child?

Do you want him to be a leader and a winner in the kindergarten, at school, in any company?

Are you ready to help your son to succeed in life?

A boys’ string by Hristafarida is a personal amulet for future men from any misfortunes:

• the evil eye and a hex

• conflicts with peers and other people

• poverty and debts (in the future)

• rash actions

• diseases and injuries

• unrequited love

• wrong decisions, etc.

Tie this string so that the boy succeeds in school, has a clear mind, and physical strength. He is brave, healthy, happy and successful.

You can tie this string at any age up to 14 years old. It can be done by a relative or a family member. Order this string for your child or as a gift.

The string is activated for continuous wear throughout the year without taking it off. Then it can be replaced. If the string breaks or gets lost, it means that it took on something negative and worked it out. You should order a new one. You will receive activation instructions from the assistant after your payment and sending the receipt.

Protect your sons with strings by Hristafarida!

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Get knowledge and positive karma with Hristafarida!

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