Protection String for doctors
Protection String for doctors

Protection String for doctors

Price 96 $

The salvation of those who save others.

  • If you face your patients’ pain every day
  • If people in your field get sick and die
  • If there is a lot of suffering and tears around you

Then you need special protection by Hristafarida — Protection String for doctors.

It will guard your field from the negativity, fill up the gaps in your numerological matrix to prevent energy loss, protect you from being infected by viruses and infections, and protect you from the untimely end.

Those who daily fight for the lives of others, who are constantly in contact with the border space between the worlds of the living and the dead, who pull people from the other world — they need a reliable amulet.

Besides that, the Protection String for doctors by Hristafarida enhances professional intuition and helps:

• quickly make the correct diagnosis

• accurately prescribe effective treatment

• brilliantly perform operations and resuscitation procedures

Order the Protection String for doctors by Hristafarida for yourself and your beloved ones, for those who work in a medical field. You can do this on the website or through assistants.

Protect yourself when saving ones’ lives!

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