String of Fortune

Price 185 $

Shoot for the sky, don’t settle for the second best! Do you lack fortune in your life?

Did the fortune turned away?

Do you lose even in an all-prize lottery?

It’s high time to hit the jackpot!

Hristafarida activated the string for a good luck, so that you could finally believe in miracles and hit the jackpot in the Destiny lottery, e.x. get an unexpected career promotion, a good proposal, or a long-awaited present.

Any pleasant surprises will be available for you if the String of Fortune by Hristafarida is on your left wrist!

Do you want to win contests and competitions?

Do you want to break a bank?

Do you want to get lucky in love and in playing cards?

This string is necessary for the wide variety of people: athletes, traders, and gambling people. It contributes to successful trading and the conclusion of profitable deals. It also helps to get ahead of competitors.

The magical attribute by Hristafarida will attract the best business partners to you. It will help in your private life, as well as protect you from deceit, betrayal and disappointment.

Order the String of Fortune as a present or for yourself, so that luck could accompany you anywhere! Give it to a beloved someone — let him have a good luck! The color of the string may be changed depending on your birth date.

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